Группа стратегического видения "Россия - Исламский мир"

Group of Strategic Vision "Russia - Islamic World"


Group of Strategic vision «Russia-Islamic world» was created in 2006 under the leadership of the former Russian Prime Minister E. M. Primakov and the former President of Republic of Tatarstan M. Sh. Shaimiev since the Russian Federation joined the Organization of Islamic cooperation as the observer.
The Group held five meetings in Moscow, Kazan, Istanbul, Jeddah and Kuwait. The President of Russian Federation V. V. Putin addressed to each meeting of the Group with the welcoming message, emphasizing that Moscow considers the Islamic world as the closest strategic partner.
The Group includes over 30 known state and the public figures of the Muslim states and a number of the largest theologians of the Islamic World (from Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and other Muslim countries).

During the meetings in the atmosphere of trust and openness most acute crucial issues of international relations were discussed, including the situation in the Middle East and, of course, a complex of relations between Russia and the states of the Islamic World.

Activity of The Group received a wide positive response in many Muslim countries. However events of "the Arab spring" delayed the work of The Group.

Several books written by members of the Group were translated into Russian and widespread. Some participants of the Group periodically visit Russia as guests in different forums and conferences.

In 2014 The President of The Russian Federation V. V. Putin made the decision to renew the activity of the Group. The Chairman of The Group of Strategic vision «Russia-Islamic world» now is the President of Republic of Tatarstan R. N. Minnikhanov, the Honorary Chairman up to his death was still E.M. Primakov.

The Coordinator of the Group from the moment of its creation is the Ambassador V. V. Popov holding now a post of the Director of the Center of civilizations` partnership of Moscow State Institute for international relations (University) of MFA of Russia.
The next meeting was held on 11-12 of June, 2015 in President-Hotel, Moscow.

One of the Russian high authorities addressed the welcoming speech to the participants of The Group. It was necessary to discuss a big complex of the questions concerning the relations of the Russian Federation with the states of the Islamic World, joint actions to fight against extremism and terrorism, and also the concrete steps aimed at the development of cooperation in humanitarian and social spheres.

At this stage, the emphasis in the work of the Group was placed on the development of measures on further strengthen the long-term cooperation between Russia and Islamic countries on the practical implementation of the strategic partnership between Russia and the Muslim world.
For this purpose we concentrated attention on specific actions on more intensive translation of books from Russian into Arab, Farsi, Turkish and other languages and respectively on the translation of printing editions of various Muslim countries into Russian.

In July 2015 the website of the Group rusisworld.com was launched. The editor-in-chief is Ekaterina Podkolzina (podkolzina@rusisworld.com).

On April 27, 2017 the Group organized the third international forum Journalists From Muslim Countries Against Extremism.

The Chechen capital of Grozny hosted the Group's annual meeting on May 16-18, 2017 featuring 34 foreign and 23 Russian delegates.

On August 17-19, 2017 Kyrgyz capital Bishkek held a meeting of the Aitmatov Readings, an international forum of intellectuals organized by the Russia - Islamic World group.

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