Ancient Pakistan

Pakistan is a prehistoric land, the cradle of one of the four ancient civilizations. Many historical processes have left their indelible marks on the land and its people. Little wonder then, Pakistani society can claim a remarkable ability to accept, accommodate and produce new social and cultural trends, art and crafts.

From the prehistoric habitations of Mehrgarh to ancient civilizations in the fertile plains of the Indus Valley and the verdant hills of Gandhara, the people of Pakistan have inherited a genius that informs their heritage.

The infuence of ancient Pakistan transcended boundaries – geographical as well as political – to areas as far as the edges of South, Central and East Asia. Mehrgarh’s landmark cultivation of food, Indus Valley’s urban settlements and Gandhara’s syncretic art continue to remind the world of the immense share of ancient Pakistan to the development of human civilization.

Modern Pakistan today, carries a proud legacy of curiosity for diverse ideas, quest for knowledge and eagerness for innovation including in art and crafts. These traditions are to be passed on to the succeeding generations of Pakistanis.

Exhibition, “Ancient Pakistan” celebrates the achievements of the people of Pakistan in the ancient world. Simultaneously, it underscores the relevance of our heritage with its unmistakable stress on accommodation, reason and creativity towards promotion of regional peace and development.

I would like to commend our officers who, in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, have conceptualized and implemented this initiative. Gratitude is due to our partners who eagerly participated in holding this event.

I invite the visitors to explore the Gift of Indus that is Pakistan, through this exhibition.

Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry
Foreign Secretary
30 March, 2016