Oriental Dreams: Russian Avant-Garde and Silk of Bukhara: [exhibition catalogue]

Kunstkamera is the keeper of the richest collection of Central Asian fabrics in Europe. It contains the samples of textile fabrics, complexes of holiday and everyday attire and adornments. The most important part of the collection is comprised of ceremonial gifts to Russian Tsars from Bukharan emirs and khans of Khiva. The best of it (over 160 exhibits) are presented at the catalogue of the exhibition project by Efim Rezvan “Oriental Dreams: Russian Avant-Garde and Silks of Bukhara” together and in a dialogue with the works of such prominent representatives of Russian Avant-garde as Alexei Yavlinskii, brothers Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg, Ivan Kliun, Varvara Stepanova, Alexander Rodchenko and Alexandra Exter which were brought to Saint-Petersburg from Tashkent.