An American rapprochement with Moscow in the near future with the visit of Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson will not help bring both nations closer at the expense of China as Beijin has long strategic relationships with Moscow due to their geographical proximity and common interests.
Russia is rising politically and militarily as a key player worldwide and China is expanding economically, ascending at the expense of other economic giants such as Japan and Germany. 
Thus, the twinning of Chinese-Russian strategic cooperation which includes involvement on the world stage is growing steadily, which some observers consider as a major factor in the change of world policy in the coming decades. 
China and Russia have principally devised their economic and political ties based on an sprouting cluster of strategic partnerships which included economic and military cooperation in at all levels. 
A major characteristic of China’s and Russia’s security and geostrategic interests is the agreement signed between both countries in terms of support for each other’s security, opposing the deployment of the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) missile defense system in South Korea. In return, both Moscow and Beijing started a number of joint military drills in South China Sea to give a sign to any country that the relationship between both nations is strong and no one can tamper with their ties.  
It sounds that Russian army is backing and supporting China militarily at the international level while the Chinese are supporting the Russian economy through billion dollar deals and agreements to support the country’s economy which has suffered to a great extent under the western sanctions for its annexation of Crimea. The ties between China and Moscow have improved in the past 25 years due to diminishing capabilities of the US to bring about strategic changes in the Far East region. 
It sounds that former US Secretary of State and senior policy adviser to a number of American presidents Henry Kissinger’s old techniques to split the Sino-Russian alliance will yield nothing this time if applied as both countries have realized that their unity is their strength.