The prize will be awarded for the best work which made a significant contribution to the strengthening of mutual understanding and cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Islamic world, in the mutual enrichment of cultural and national traditions and inter-religious and inter-civilization dialogue. The accepting of submissions will be open until April 30, 2017. The prize will be awarded for the best work – a monograph, a series of reports or a film. The prize will be $ 50,000 for the first place and $ 25,000 for the second. IMPORTANT: at the time of applying works should be already published or shown to the public. Besides the work, author's name, place of work (freelancers can participate as well) and contact details should be specified in the application. All requests for participation should be sent by email at: The format of accepted works:

  • Text materials will be accepted in Word format.
  • Photos and illustrations are accepted in formats jpg, png, gif. The width of photos should not exceed 1000 pixels.
  • Videos will be accepted in the form of links to material on Youtube service.
  • Audio will be accepted in the form of an audio file (file attachments, or download links) in mp3 format the size of which should not exceed 15 MB.

After sending the request please wait for confirmation of its receipt. The website editorial staff doesn’t send links to published works for the participants. Please watch for their appearance on this page. If you have any questions about the rules of engagement please kindly contact the organizing committee of the Award for an explanation by the specified email addresses.