This year BRICS is have its ninth summit.  What have been the most significant achievements during this time?
We formed a committee to look into how we can cooperate with this group. We already have cooperation with individual countries like China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa at the bilateral level. We have a very positive cooperation between Sudan and each country. We want to make this as not only bilateral cooperation, but we want to be part of this group and to make use of their experience and their resources.
So Khartoum does plan to join the economic association in the future?
One of the summit’s goals was strengthening partnership to promote and maintain peace and stability. What is the best way to build mutual cooperation to achieve this goal?
The group’s intention is to work in peace, to work together, to make use of the resources. These principles attract us to join the group, to work together without interfering in the personal affairs of each country.
What are the priority areas in cooperation with BRICS countries for Sudan?
We feel Sudan is full of resources. Our country is full of oil, gas, minerals, water, fertile soil. We have good connection with our neighbors, with African countries and the Middle East. We think we have a very strategic location. These resources need some investors. We feel this group has the potential and different resources like money and others. So we try to invite then, to be the part of cooperation in the future.
What areas of cooperation between Sudan and Russia do you consider as the most prospective ones?
Sudan and Russia have a long-standing relationship of cooperation. Our committee’s main focuses to develop and to increase bilateral cooperation. We already have a number of investors from Russia in Sudan in the areas of minerals, industry, and agriculture. Now we feel happy that the Sudanese products are coming to the Russian market. And we hope to invite tourists to come and enjoy tourist destinations. So this is our ambition for bilateral cooperation.
In an interview to our website, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan Atta Al-Mannan Bakhit called your country one of the most stable in East Africa. How does the state manage to conduct a consistent policy and increase international cooperation?
We feel that our country is very stable, safe, and full of resources. We have a good connection with our neighbors; Sudan is where a number of landlocked African countries turn to. So we invite our friends to come and establish their business there. Sudan is part of what we called the COMESA group and part of the Arab Trade Group. This organization gives incentives for investors who manufacture things in Sudan or produce some things in Sudan, and want to send it to neighboring countries, it is added value for them because it is free from customs, so all these things are incentives for investors to come.
It is no secret that Sudan has to undertake many efforts and invest money in the fight against terrorist groups. What are the main policy areas for the government? Do you adopt any foreign experience?
Sudan is one of the safest places. We have some people who used guns, but fortunately now there is no war in Sudan. We don’t have any terrorist groups. The war is already gone and now we are in the stage of collecting weapons from the hands of the individuals. We invite everyone to come to Sudan. Our image have been distorted by the media, so this why we call on anyone who wants to know more about Sudan or our people to come and to see our society for themselves.
Sudan is a regular participant of the forum “Journalists of Muslim countries against terrorism” held by the Group of strategic vision “Russia – Islamic world”. What is your take on this discussion platform?
We take part in some efforts in Russia to fight terrorist groups or people who use guns. Every community here knows tries to play a positive role to make peace in the region and in the world.
Does the media in your country pay much attention to the fight against extremism?
We have free media. And we all look for peace in the region. So we feel our media, our government, our organizations, both official and unofficial, all work together to make Sudan a hub of peace and we also participate in international forums.