In 2012, Russia’s southern city of Volgograd was picked as a host city for group stage matches. It also had to provide training sites and team base camps.

The city also got a brand new Volgograd Arena with a capacity of 45,000.

Строительство футбольного стадиона «Волгоград Арена». Фото: Maximos
Строительство футбольного стадиона «Волгоград Арена». Фото: Maximos

The city upgraded its infrastructure building new roads and junctions, erecting hotels and new residential districts, renovating public interest facilities.

Подземная станция скоростного трамвая — «Площадь Ленина» Фото: A.Savin
Lenin Square underground station of the high speed tram line, Credit: A.Savin

Four Muslim Nations are set to play here during the world cup – Saudi Arabia, egypt, tunisia, and nigeria.

Group G’s England and Tunisia are schedule to be the first to test the pitch on Volgograd Arena.

Four days later, the city will enjoy a clash between Group D’s Nigeria and Iceland.

Group A’s Saudi Arabia are taking on rivals Egypt. It is the first time Saudi Arabia has qualified since 2006, and Egypt has been missing for 28 years.

The showdown between egypt and saudi arabia could prove to be the game changer because it will be the final match during the group stage.

Group H’s Poland and Japan will come together in the final fourth match here.

Ekaterina Podkolzina, Rustam Sabirov