Bridge Between Russian, Arab Civilizations – Readers Share Opinions of Our Website

Visitors of the website of the Russia - Islamic World Strategic Vision Group have shared their feedback on our website and told us where we can improve.

Omar Solh, Russia Today in Lebanon:
"…It would be nice to see contemporary literature and poetry, and focus more on tourism opportunities offered by Russia."
Fareh Masrahi, an intellectual from Algeria:
"…The website plays a key role in destroying the monopoly of the European and US mass media on information about Russia…"
Dr. Ahmed Hamisi (Egyptian writer):
"…It would be nice to see a section on Russian-Arab relations and news on Russian art and culture…"
Dr. Tair Seineddin, head of the National Library in the Syrian Arab Republic:

"…The website is a kind of a bridge between the Russian civilization and the ancient Arab civilization, a platform where we can learn more about culture and about each other…"

Dr. Mtanios Bashour, lawyer. Head of the Board of Directors of the International Arbitration Center (Syria), councellor for international disputes (London):
"… The website needs to address the issues that the future Christian, Arab and even Russian Levant would face."