However, Daesh is digging tunnels underground to turn it into a new fort against any infantry penetration.

Iraqi officers believe that a barrage of airstrikes will help sever two major routes that the extremist militants use to funnel fighters and supplies from the Syrian border and Raqqa City to Mosul.

It is expected that Iraqi and Kurdish military and paramilitary units will be pushing to regain Mosul, after isolating the city, cutting it off, and regaining it.

The city in northern Iraq will be surrounded by an intricate pincer movement from Iraqi forces into the city from the southeast at the time their Kurdish counterparts will be storming the city from the northwest. The military offensive will start before the American elections in November 2016, expected to start end of October.

If Mosul is regained, this will be a major landmark for Hillary Clinton if she becomes a president as this will pave the way for her to get involved in the Middle East affairs more than her predecessor. War to regain Mosul would cost up to US$3 billion and requires no less than 35,000 fighters with missiles to be launched from the aircarriers in the Gulf, in the Mediterranean Sea as well as Incirlik Airbase, South East Turkey.

The question per se is what comes after Daesh is defeated in Iraq, will they appear in another country in the Middle East and North Africa region?