Excellency Mr Chairman,
Dear colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am very delighted to participate in this important dialogue for the third time.
Visiting Grozny provided me yet another opportunity to closely observe the achievements of the people of Chechen Republic and Russian Federation in rebuilding this beautiful city.
The image that I had in my mind from this city was an image of complete destruction. But fortunately, today I see that the brave and hardworking people of the Chechen Republic have built a beautiful and incredible city out of the ruins of war. I congratulate the people and government of the Chechen Republic for such a great achievement.
I come from a country where war and violence have been going on for approximately forty years. We Afghans experience the consequences of war and destruction in our daily life. We fully understand that what it means for men, women, and children in war-turn countries to reach their desires of peace. From this aspect, I wish that our sisters and brothers in Chechen share us in delight of their success.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We live in an era where the old world order is in the verge of fragmentation and the structurs of a new world order has yet to be shaped clearly.  Undoubtedly, the world order in late 20th and early 21st century have not been a fair global structure for the Islamic countries. In most of our countries, war, under-development, and struggling against the remnants of colonization are the prominent inherits of this world order which is in the brink of collapsing.
In these years, the nation-states in some of the Islamic countries collapsed as a result of illegitimate military interventions from the West, and some were also severely damaged. The result of thus interferences was also the emerging of IS. Of course it was easy for the manes of IS developing itself in the Geographies whit the failed or failing states.
It is common that in such an environment, the radical terrorist forces and destructive criminal organizations rise in collaboration with each other.
This condition inevitably paves the way for the growth and expansion of shadow, criminal, and illegal economy, and such an economy in fusion with destructive international networks creates an environment in which the destructive economy spreads internationally and sustains further.
Thus extremism and organized crimes collide together as international networks and thereby terrorism and extremism evolve to a sophisticated phenomenon.
Such platform results to the continuation of destructive economy and extensive circulation of it in the form of narcotics–trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling of weapons and historical artifacts.
This creates a platform for terrorist organizations which also have the support of some states. As a result, terrorism further strengthens and expands, and thereby evolves to stronger terrorist networks and systems.
It is very sad to witness that some countries utilize terrorism as a means of their foreign policy and destructive intervening approaches in other countries’ affairs. 
Distinguishing terrorists to good and bad terrorists or using one against another is not a correct policy. The right policy is to eliminate the social and political causes and fight all the terrorists without distinguishing them into good and bad.
The countries which divided terrorists to good and bad one in the previous decades did not only have any achievement, but also they became the victims of terrorism themselves.
The example of extensive intervention in Afghanistan and utilization of terrorism as a means of political influence in our country, demonstrates the fact that the use of terrorism in foreign policy and trying to stay safe from its social and security damages is nothing but an illusion.
Taliban are as extremist and terrorist as IS, and they commit the same level of war crimes and violence as IS does. Let’s not forget that it was during the invasion of Afghanistan by the Taliban that the office of Chechen terrorists was inaugurated in Kandahar, and they had benefited from the support of Taliban and their allies.
Terrorism is an existential, direct, and daily threat to Afghanistan, but it is a serious and potential threat to all of us. All of the countries of the region will be threatened by the continuation of instability and chaos in Afghanistan, as well as by the continuation of the policy of supporting terrorism against my country. As a result, terrorism will continue to threaten Central Asia, China, and Russian Federation.
In my perspective, cooperation towards reaching peace and stability should stand at the top priority of dialogues and political cooperation among the Islamic countries and between the Islamic world and Russian Federation.
Otherwise, sustainable development will not be achievable without peace and stability. From this perspective, cooperation between the countries of our region and major countries of the world is vital for reaching peace and stability in our world.
As reaching stability and security, and sustainable triumph over terrorism is not possible without cooperation between, Russian Federation, China, U.S., India and regional powers, just like that, reaching a sustainable peace, development, and progress will not be possible without regionalization of security and initiating a cohesive regional security strategy.
The Russian Federation could further cooperate with the people and legitimate governments of West Asia (Middle East) and Afghanistan based on a collaborative and cooperative policy.
I wish that the current tensions at the international politics replaces with an approach free of tensions, where problems are resolved through dialogue. In this context, global alignment could lay the foundation for peace and stability through inhibiting countries which cause instability in other countries through using terrorism as tool of foreign policy.
At the end ones again, I cordially thank the people and government of the Chechen Republic for the warm hospitability. Here, I would also like to appreciate the secretariat for convening this important gathering. Let me also thank the hosts and interpreters for facilitating the organization of this gathering with high patience, professionally and tolerance.
Thank you