"First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Vasilyev for his trust in me. It is a high responsibility" 
"A lot has been done recently, and here is my attitude to the legacy: “If you fire at the past from a pistol, the future will shoot back from a cannon,” it is a quote by outstanding philosopher and author Rasul Gamzatov.
I cite his phrase here for a reason. In our efforts we will rely on the best achievements of the multi-ethnic people of Dagestan. It includes high numbers of businessmen and the innate commercial acumen that the local people have used to improve living standards. Nevertheless, we would also need to remove the bottlenecks that prevent us from moving forward."
"First of all, we need to develop market-based public institutions that the locals, guests and investors would feel comfortable with. They want to have a safe, strong, reliable region that can be their partner, a region that is fully in line with the financial and legal regulations of the Russian Federation, a region that delivers on its commitments. This is achieved primarily through transparent operations by the government. We need to forge a new image of public officials and regain the trust of people."
"We need to work to significantly cut the size of the shadow economy. We will change state governance, and we expect the business community to change, too. It is all about new enterprises, new jobs, while existing ones need to go back to a legal relationship with the state – ranging from land ownership, property rights to taxes."
"We will provide infrastructure support to small production companies. We will set up municipal industrial sites. There is a lot of potential in such areas as communications, IT, post and logistics."
"It is critical to ensure absolutely fair and transparent inspections of the businesses."
"We will work to attract private investment and restore Dagestan's image as a safe and reliable region with a comfortable business environment. It has a port and borders on several countries, which means we have unique untapped potention for exports. Other regions dream to have such geographical advantages. Our top priority is to improving living standards."
"Dagestan has an enormous tourist potential. We need to create a new image for the Republic so that Russians and foreign guests could come and re-discover the beauty of the region."