-Did you like the initiative of the Russia – Islamic World strategic vision group to award journalists with diplomas?
-I think this is a good thing, which, on the one hand, commends the efforts of those journalists, who have already written for the Group, and at the same time it encourages people to write more interesting articles in the future. I would like to ask the organizers of this event, the Russia – Islamic World strategic vision group, to upload publications in three languages at once. So when a person sends some content in Arabic, it appears immediately in Russian and English versions. 
– What measures can be effective in the fight of journalists against extremism?
– The first thing I want to say is that this initiative of the Russia – Islamic World strategic vision group to invite journalists from Muslim countries is itself one of the ways to fight extremism. Today we heard the message from the Russian President, from which we have concluded that Russia pays great attention to the information aspect of the fight against extremism. And this means that this work will not be limited to our Group and will have a broader application. I think that there should be another way, an economic way. I mean, Russia and other developed countries should move in the same direction, they should identify and destroy the sources of funding for terrorists.