Credit: Tatarstan's Rep Office
The Russian International Affairs Council hosted the launch of a book on late Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser by prominent Russian diplomat, Andrey Baklanov. The publication of Nasser’s Pyramid. President and His Time is timed to celebrate the famous president’s 100th anniversary. 
The book looks at the life and career of one of the most outstanding Arab political leaders of the mid-20th century.
Nasser quickly gained unprecedented popularity back home and across the Arab world. The book documents his strides in developing the real sector of the economy and executing large-scale social and economic reforms in the interests of most of the Egyptians. The book argues his experience is still relevant today and could be applied today in drafting development blueprints.
The author also outlines Nasser’s role in bolstering Egypt’s and other Arab countries’ independence, his contribution to the Non-Alignment and Solidarity movements for Asian and African countries, which are considered to have paved the way for the contemporary world order. Nasser worked hard to establish friendly ties with the Soviet Union. 
The event was attended by Russia – Islamic World Group Coordinator H.E. Veniamin Popov, Russian diplomat Konstantin Shuvalov, Tatarstan's Deputy Prime Minister Ravil Akhmetshin, President of the Russian International Affairs Council Igor Ivanov, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Russia Ihab Nasr, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) member, Vice-President for Science at RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, renowned Russian Arab affairs expert, BRISMES member Vitaly Naumkin, and others.