Abdulrahman Al Khalifa

I am glad to take part in the discussion of the problems in relations between Russia and the Islamic world on this blessed day. I convey to you the greetings from the King of Bahrain and his wishes of success for our conference.

I want to thank the President of Chechnya and the President of Tatarstan for this invitation to participate in the Group’s meeting.

We also thank the organizing committee for such a warm welcome and for the opportunity to visit your wonderful republic, which impressed us with all its achievements reached during its development.

We saw how the republic has been developing. The Chechen people have a worthy life based on universal values and principles. Brothers and sisters, cooperation between Russia and the Islamic world is developing, particularly, in the economy.

Certainly, we should use all these opportunities that we have to discover new areas of our cooperation.

We should strive to strengthen mutual relations between Russia and the Islamic world. We should buiild a reliable foundation for creative and joint efforts in the cause of peace and prosperity. The governments of Islamic countries highly appreciate Russia as a key player in international issues and a partner in finding solutions to them. We have many common features.

Russia helps to find solutions to important and universal issues, strengthen security and stability in our region.

This support that we receive from Russia is an important motivation to develop our relations which serve the interests of all our people. The Kingdom of Bahrain pays great attention to our bilateral relations with Russia. Our leaders also have very good relations. We cooperate in many areas. We cooperate at the international level and overcome certain differences between us for further cooperation and for new ways of prospective development.

We welcome honorable President of Tatarstan and the President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and invite them to Bahrain. Our leaders have met many times and our efforts to develop relationships were supported by a number of agreements, in particular by the agreement between the Russian Council of Muftis and the Council for Religious Affairs in Bahrain. Before coming to Grozny we visited Moscow and met with Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin.

We opened an Islamic library in the Islamic Cultural Centre in Moscow in cooperation with the Religious Muslim Board. We brought a large collection of books about Islam in Arabic.

Bahrain is proud of our deep relations with Russia. We strive to develop our relations in the future. We think Russia plays a very important role in defending the interests of Arab countries on the international arena. I think it will help to develop our countries as these relations are based on international law, the principles of stability and mutual respect.

In conclusion, I want to thank you once again. May Allah be with us.

Thank you.