The recent year’s events clearly demonstrate us the increase of tension, both in the Middle East region and in the whole world. It becomes obvious that radicalism and terrorism is not a threat of regional, but global, international scale. That is why the members of the Group share the idea of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in his greeting to this session of the Group that today more than ever, it is necessary to unite the efforts of various countries on fastening the principles of justice, rule of law, aversion of power dictatorship, propaganda and economic pressure in international relations.

At the same time, crucial expansion of cooperation between Russia and the Muslim countries is extremely important.

The participants of the meeting welcomed the intensification of economic and humanitarian cooperation of the Islamic world countries with Russia, in particular within the framework of the projects undertaken by the Group. Among the most important of them are: the organization of summer camps for Muslim youth in several Russian cities, shooting films about prominent politicians of the Muslim world in Russian and English languages, books translation, and the launch of the Russian rehabilitation centre for the children injured during the military actions in the Middle East.

For increase of an overall performance of the Group, we plan to hold our meetings annually.

The participants highly appreciated Russia's relations with the Islamic world and expressed their hope that Moscow will continue to play an onwards stabilizing role in the Middle East and to deepen ties with Muslim nations at all levels.

All the delegates expressed their gratitude to the Russian side and personally to the Chairman of the Group of Strategic Vision “Russia and the Islamic world”, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov for their hospitality and the excellent organization of the Forum.

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