Intro about Civilization Partnership

The partnership as we know is always taking place between two partners/parties or more who are almost equal in power or in money or in resources, or owning different things that may complete each other at the same time they may share profits, interests or losses proportionately.

Partnership always starts with good information, recognizing, talks and dialogs in order to make each party know the other well to conclude a deal or an agreement with him, otherwise ignorance, ambiguity and uncertaininty about any little information may disrupt such partnership.

But If we deal with the matter of civilizations it could not be estimated as business deals, because civilizations is an indication for modernization and awareness of some peoples and how much they realize of things that taking place around them, as well as the other cultures and civilizations of the others, in this case we may say that this country or such people is civilized.

Who is the reason of Disrupting Dialogue

In our view the West and colonialism was working very hard to make a schism and sedition in the world for their own interests whether political or economic interests, thus it created the fanatic streams as of the brotherhood group since the beginning of the last century as its wedge to expand its dominance on the Arab and Islamic world.

Brotherhood had inspired a lot of its rules and regulatory from the Wahhabism, which had been beaten by Mohamed Ali Pasha since the beginning of the 19th century when he had felt that it is the greatest danger on Muslims worldwide as a tool of retardation and extremism.

As Mohamed Ali Pasha had beaten the Wahhabism in Peninsula of Arabs, Gamal Abdel Nasser did the same in Egypt with the group of brotherhood in 1954 after the incident on Mansheyah, Alexandria 1954, not only that but also he gave a space for Sheikh of Azhar Dr. Shaltout to carry out the first partnership or dialog between Islamic sects lest schism taking place in Arab and Islamic world.

After getting rid of Western military colonialism, the west has not stopped its malicious plans towards us, especially after the victory achieved against Israel in 1973 and the unity of the Arab and Islamic world until the end of 1974 after the war, the matter that made Henry Kissinger the US Neo-liberal hawk thinker and the state secretary and security advisor in the 1970s that the defeat of Israel will never be repeated again based on the sedition scenario he made as of the civil war of Lebanon and then Iraqi-Iranian war etc… based on sectarian dispute and the emergence of Qaeda to fight USSR in Afghanistan, as if the Jihad anti-socialism is the main danger for Muslims not Israel which occupies our Arab lands in Palestine.

But when the collapse of USSR took place by the last decade of the last century, as well as Warsaw Pact, whereas the cold war is likely finished, the matter that made the west thinking of another danger outbreak, thus the west resorted to the idea of clash of civilization and the green danger represented in “Islamophobia”, and now there is a new hazard created by the West, “Russiaphobia”.

Who has made Current Initiative for Dialogue/Partnership

We have only two famous political figures, who inspired the dialogue between civilizations and cultures currently, the first was the Ex-Iranian President Dr. Mohamed Khatami in his initiative “Dialog Between Civilizations” as a response to the hegemony of the west and to some Western fanatic literature including but not limited to “Clash of Civilizations” the well known book of the Neo-liberal thinker “Hantington”, as well as “the End of the History and the Last Man” of his analog Fukuyama.

Also president Putin who really founded this initiative “Russia and Islamic World”; influenced by the Russian foreign policy minister and dean “Primakov” who stressed since the mid-nineties on the need to rebalance the powers of the world again; with leaders from the whole Islamic work in order to combat terrorism in between Russia and Islamic world, as some of the Islamic countries surrounding Russia unfortunately were vulnerable to terrorism or exporting terrorists and fanatics under the name of “Jihad”.

And there some other partnership of civilizations initiatives which made also by China and Russia jointly, especially BRICS, Shanghai Organization for Security and Cooperation, G20 and of course Silk Road Initiative that include 66 countries, however the joint elements in such initiatives are the economy and security at the same time, but unfortunately we do not find it addressing the targeted groups youth and peoples in general directly, despite they may reshape the world’s future.

Extraordinary Influential Solutions for Successful Dialogue

We had recently an unprecedented trial represented in carrying out a simulation model for the Russian Presidential Elections at the school of political science in Cairo University, whereas some of the distinguished students impersonated the roles of the rivals in the Russian Presidential Elections as a competition instead of presenting a simple thesis, the matter that made students discovering new sides of the world instead of highlighting the West most of the time as a source of democracy and liberties, which is untrue.

Social media has played a very big role in this simulation as the coordination amid the team was carried out via chat groups we have created by “facebook” and “what’s app” – please note that Russian embassy in Egypt had chosen me to be a member in this group for my activities on the social media, and how much I clarified as a researcher the Russian policy via my articles to date, as well as my membership also in CODESRIA which tackled the importance of the virtual media in the future before any international think tank in the world.

Such simulation models has several repercussions especially on youth, because it stimulates youth to read enough about the other’s cultures, civilizations, religions, traditions, politics, arts etc… Thus it will demolish the ordinary stereotypes taken about the others, as well as combating any kind of phobia “Islamophobia – Russiaphobia – Xenophobia…etc”.

It will shed the light on the positive sides of specific cases in international arena and giving an objective tackling of such case, the matter that will make the involved parties away from any fanatic thinking, this is because I will replace another figure from another country, so the participants indirectly will gain strategic analysis skills, based on an important question “What If?”.

Youth who attend such simulations will be stimulated to replace their peers in the next simulation models provided that such simulation is new, unprecedented and well studied.

Through my participation in this great forum, I hope to find a partnership with some Russian, Arab and Islamic agencies to spread my idea “Simulation Models” among the youth of the Islamic world in cooperation with my center and the think tanks and universities in the regions that really need this experience. So as to create critical thinking and change stereotypes in our youth, especially in “Chechnya, Caucasus, Ossetia, Central Asian Republics as well as Pakistan and others” of the countries that may welcome my idea.

Concerning the information policy principles

  • Of course any article or writing should be based on the logical six questions we ask “what, when, where, who, why and how” if any journalist or columnist adhered to such questions in his writings, we think his work will never be misleading.
  • Any writing or article to be circulated should be based on reference or group of references for the matter of credibility, because credibility is one of the most important elements in journalism or media in general including social media or virtual media which is the mainstream among youth currently.
  • Blasphemy is prevented at any religion or sect, as well as diffusion of hate between peoples via press or media in general, because we think that the target of press and media is to raise the awareness and good ethics among people not to split them.
  • Shed the light on the places of defect in professional manner and trying to find a practical solution or suggestions to solve or fix such defect is something favorable.
  • In the matter of criticism, we should know that the public figures are ordinary people we cannot criticize their personal acts or lives, however we may criticize their duties performances, in case it is good in the right path, we should appreciate it without exaggeration, otherwise our criticism should be objective on the performance of the duty with offering some alternative tools/advisory for better performances.

Please be guided accordingly,

Kindest Regards,

Ahmed Moustafa

Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation

Member of CODESRIA and Group of Strategic Vision Russia and Islamic World