Head of the MGIMO Center for Partnership of Civilizations, RIW Group Coordinator Veniamin Popov commented on Russian Foreign Minister’s statement on the Syria crisis in an interview to the local radio station BusinessFM.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club conference on the Middle East, Sergey Lavrov said that as the war is drawing to an end, there are attempts to split Syria by other countries, including the US.

“They are trying to exploit the Kurds to tear Syria apart. Lavrov asked US State Secretary Rex Tillerson several times about the US mission in Syria. Tillerson would tell him it was to defeat ISIS gunmen. But today they are trying to set up a kind of enclave there to run everything,” said Veniamin Popov.

Popov also said the leaders of the Syrian Kurds are getting impossible unrealistic promises of independence.