The international conference will focus on constructive cooperation and partnership of all the civilizations as the only effective way to resolve contemporary crises and reviewing Russia's experience in this regard. The event is co-organized by Moscow State Institute of International Relations and the Russia - Islamic World strategic vision group.

Keynote speakers:
Wassim Khalil Kalaajieh, renowned Lebanese public and politician, author of the recent bestseller 'Eurasian Russia: President Putin's Time", laureate of the Primakov Prize.
Roman Babayan, TV star, host of the Right to Speak Out show on TVC network and author of a series of films, including Chile. Santiago, Turkish Kurdistan, and Tskhinvali Labyrinth.
Mikhail Orlov, head of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council, grandson of Egypt's last monarch, King Farouk.
Vitaly Naumkin, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, vice-president for research of the Russian Institute for Oriental Studies, BRISMES member, member of the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, and member of the International Advisory Council of the Tokyo-based Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research.