The Russia – Islamic World group chaired by Rustam Minnikhanov puts a lot of focus on cooperation with Russian regions with a Muslim majority. Back in May 2017, the Group held its annual session in Grozny, capital of the Chechen Republic. It was attended by heads of Dagestan, Karachayevo-Circassia and Crimea, apart from the Chechen leader and Tatarstan President. The Group’s meeting gathered 50+ eminent public and political figures, members of the academia and businessmen from Russia and 27 Muslim states. It has become an important platform where opinion leaders can exchange their views and experience.

On December 14, acting head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev visited Kazan where he met with Group Chairman and Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.
Mr. Vasilyev thanked his colleague for an opportunity to study the experience of Tatarstan. Earlier, he said that “Tatarstan has many achievements that the entire country could be proud of.”
Mr. Minnikhanov who chairs the Group as instructed by Russian Pressident Vladimir Putin puts a lot of focus on engaging Russian regions in the Group’s operations and interaction with a broad range of Muslim countries. The efforts are increasingly relevant amid the growing role of the Islamic factor in the world politics and popular ideas of Islamic solidarity re-affirmed at the extraordinary OIC summit in Istanbul on December 13.
In general, the Group’s active operations have proven interesting for many international organizations which are developing deeper cooperation with it on a whole range of projects. 
In particular, the Group hosted the Aitmatov Readings forum in August of 2018 in Kyrgyzstan, together with the Culture Ministry of Kyrgyzstan and the Executive Office of Tatarstan President. Our Kyrgyz partners and the Writers’ Union of Turkey are planning to hold a roundtable on Aitmatov’s legacy in the spring of 2018. The International Organization of Turkic Culture, or TURKSOY, has been keen to cooperate in hosting the event.
Upon the Group Chairman's initiative, the website is holding a quiz on Chinghiz Aitmatov’s life and works, and the winners will get valuable prizes. 
The Group’s efforts send a signal of partnership of civilizations to a broad audience hoping that our experience would come handy both in Russia and abroad.