The Russia - Islamic World strategic vision group presents a book entitled 'Middle East Christians: Past, Present, Future?' will take place at the Russian Council for International Affairs on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street in Moscow.
It was attended by Veniamin Popov, the Group's Coordinator, Vitaly Naumkin, Group member, academician, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the Institute for Oriental Studies for research, Konstantin Shuvalov, ambassador at large, Group member, Alexander Orlov, professor, Head of the International Research Institute at Moscow State University of International Relations under the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the book's reviewer, Alexander Yakovlev, professor at Moscow State University, lead researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies under the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Vitaly Naumkin praised the book's relevance. 
"The book highlights concerns for Christians in the Middle East. However, Levant is a great place because it is home to the oldest Christian communities. The question about the future of Middle East Christians raised in the last chapter is a relevant one. We must stand up for the cultural and religious diversity of the Middle East. The people of the region have served as an example of how you can live side by side over many centuries," said Mr. Naumkin.
Alexander Orlov said the "developments in the Middle East reflect global realities".
"The author demonstrates deep understanding of the Middle East and religious issues, which is quite rare," said Konstantin Shuvalov.
Alexander Yakovlev spoke about the civilization approach behind religious stories and suggested that the Institute of Oriental Studies submit the book for the Metropolitan Macarius Award.
The book launch was organized by the Russia - Islamic World group.