Tatarstan President and Chairman of the Russia – Islamic World group Rustam Minnikhanov conferred a medal "For Valiant Labor"
Mr. Minnikhanov thanked the ex-minister for his excellent work and wished him success in Dagestan.
"He did a lot for Tatarstan during his brief tenure. I regret to see him move but our country and Dagestan need people like him," Mr. Minnikhanov was quoted as saying.
Mr. Zdunov said he appreciated the smooth operations of his ministry's employees and promised to 'plant the same traditions in other regions of Russia'.
Earlier, Dagestan's Parliament appointed Artiom Zdunov as the new prime minister of the Republic.
"The local MPs reviewed and approved his nomination," a source said.
Mr. Zdunov, 39, was nominated by Acting Head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev.
He was born in Kazan on May 18, 1978 and is a graduate of Kazan Finance and Economics Institute (2000).