Launched in August 2015, the University offers MBA programs to young specialists.


"We are looking for the skills and knowledge they would get at the Corporate University, and have to pass a rigorous test to enroll. It is an opportunity to get world-class management skills to be able to use them in practice. It is a unique chance," said Mr. Minnikhanov.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov shared the achievements of the Corporate University at the Alabuga investment zone at the 2018 Sochi Investment Forum.
The Corporate University aims to develop human resources for training production managers of the world level. During three months, 25 students selected from 2,500 applicants from all regions of Russia, studied experience of establishment and functioning of Russian and foreign companies, adopted top management practices from senior executives of Special Economic Zone’s enterprises, solved business cases and held workshops. 
The main goal of learning at the Corporate University is development and presentation of an individual project. The authors of the best projects will get a chance to implement them in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. 
The Alabuga special economic zone was named the best SEZ in Europe for large residents for the third time in a row by the international magazine fDi intelligence. This issue of the Financial Times group annually publishes a rating of the best special zones around the world, and the SEZ Alabuga was awarded the title of the best SEZ in Europe for large tenants in 2015, 2016 and in 2017.
Republic of Tatarstan holds top place  in the Russian Federation in the investment climate national ranking.