Adel Abdullah Al-Falah Hamad Falyah


Dr. Adel Abdullah Al-Falah Hamad Falyah was born in 1953 in Kuwait.

In 1977 graduated from the Faculty of literature at Kuwait University (speciality – psychology and sociology). Holds his Bachelor Degree in psychiatry in Kuwait University. Received a master's degree (1982) and doctorate (1987) in the Islamic University of Emam Muhammad bin Saud (Saudi Arabia), specializing in Islamic media.
In 1985-1990 – Head of the Press and Research department in the Islamic state charity organization.
In 1998-1990 – Head of the Department in the Faculty of Islamic education at Kuwait University.
From 1992 to present time – Deputy Minister of Awqaf and Islamic issues in Kuwait.
From 1991 to present time – Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Consultative Commission on work on adherence to the canons of Shariah.

A member of many national and international organizations (Bangladesh, UK, Saudi Arabia). Takes an active part in the work of the Group of Strategic Vision "Russia – Islamic World".

Has a number of publications and books.
Married and has nine children.

Repeatedly visited Tatarstan, met with the first President of the Republic of Tatarstan on the occasion of various international events. Is one of the main ideologists of t the idea of "Al-Wasatiya" (moderation in Islam) and initiated the creation of the International Center "Al-Wasatiya". Cooperates with the Russian Foundation for support of Islamic culture, science and education.