İsmail Eray Çelebi

Speech at the 4th Media Forum in Yalta, Crimea

Dear Participants

The Muslim Journalist’s Forum’s meeting is highly important during this days which is realizing at the same time with U.S İmperialism attacks on the Middle East. Because of this we honoure addressing to you distingusihed journalists came from Islamic World.

Dear Friends,

As Ulusal Kanal, we describe the journalism as the labour of reality. Our basic principle is like Crimean Turksh enlightened Ismail Gapıralı’s understanding—tracing the truth. Today it means making a display to imperialist aggression.

For a concise statement I offer my speech at 5 articles.

1-A threat that compels Turkey and Russia to associate

The U.S has several aims with this attacks. The first one is supporting and saving to  PYD is separatist terrorist organisation (PKK)’s Syria stipe in the region of Menbiç.

The second one is revolting Basshar al Assad Syrian chairman who is resisting the imperialist attacks since 2011. Loosing od Assad’s mean ; dividing of Syria and correspondingly Turkey, Iran and Russia will be faced with some threats.

However,  Turkey’s side makes some different speechs about chemical provocation Turkey is the first target of The Atlantic World.

2-Let’s demolish the berm wall which is intervened as 100 years ago

Another threats to Turkey comes from North, Black Sea. Just like it was 100 years ago … Just after the World War I, British imperialism tried to build a wall between Turks and Russians  who fought for independence and wanted to support each other.

They tried to prevent the Turkish and Russian armies from getting together.

However, our ancestors demolished this wall and set up an Asian Great Wall to block imperialist expansionism shoulder to shoulder.

Today, the threats that our countries are subjected to require the same move.

It is imperative to prevent imperialist expansionism, We must build a set that blocks imperialist expansionism, allowing only the passage of brotherhood and sharing.

– Just like it was 100 years ago, Today NATO and U.S trying to cancel improving Turkey-Russia relations which is growing in last period. One of the tool is Crimea. Especially using The Crimean Tatars, they are trying to sabotage; The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Astana Proccess.

Crimean Tatars have seen the US plans which are the against the regional peace. Because of this they have choosen the unifying the Russian Federation. But Us imperialsm and some of western countries don’t esteem the Crimeans choice. This lobbyist countries aim isolating the Russia for Crimean issue. They don’t want the change of Turkish Politics on Crimea.  It is essential for Turkey to change its policy.

3-Rights granted to the Crimean Tatars doesn’t sabotage but reinforce the unification of the Crimea with Russia

They’re making propoganda as Russia occupied to Crimea. In this point Turkey must change official Crimea Politics, For Turkey the most important point . about Crimean Tatar politics the healing social and economic rights of Crimean Tatars. So that The Russia’s politics is very important.

For example recognizing officially Tatar Language is important. The other important point; returing the homeland Crimean Tatars who are still living exile.

The Crimea peninsula is a fertile bridge between Turkey and Russia. Crimea must be a door opening from Russia to Turkey and from Turkey to Russia. Turkey and Russia has to have concensus on Crimean issue. This is a geopolitic obligation.

Rights granted to the Crimean Tatars doesn’t sabotage but reinforce the unification of the Crimea with Russia

4- Let’s make the Crimea the bridge of Turkish-Russian Brotherhood

Turkey must approximate Crimean politics with Russia. This approximination is very important for Islamic World which located South of Turkey.  Because at the same time Turkey is a bridge between Crimea and Islamic World.

In this regard, also Turkish nation wants Turkey to fulfill its responsibility to ensure cultural and economic cooperation between Crimea and Islamic countries

5– Liberty climate of the Muslim World is in the Eurasion Geography

Dear Journalists;

Islamic World is under threats which come from Israil and U.S. During the time we still didnt forget the war in Iraq, blood and tears are still in Syria.

The U.S and other imperialist states want to divide region for their economic benefits. All the same Islamic Countires must solve problems between each other and they unit with rest of the Eurasian countries. The muslim states must ally with Russia and China which struggling against U.S.

Our primary mission is transmitting the truth to all people against lies which are serving by mainstrean medias belonging imperialist states.

So that we Thank warmly to Russian Federation for organising this meeting.

We are the Turkish journalists always will be tracing the truth.

İsmail Eray Çelebi

Representative of Ulusal Kanal Ankara