First of all, I would like to pay tribute to the forum "Group of Strategic Vision - Russia and the Islamic World - Journalists Against Extremism". Represented in the Group Coordinator Ambassador Popov and his team, then certainly the Russian Foreign Ministry represented by its Minister Lavrov and his Deputy for Middle East Affairs Mr. Bogdanov, then the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mr. Minnikhanov and the President of the State of Chechnya Mr. Ramadan Kadyrov, who adopted this forum, and this meeting over two years.

Actually we wished that this experience would extend to the largest number of media professionals, intellectuals, writers and influential people in the social media networks, for more than one day, and there would be the largest media coverage of all the participating countries - because what we are doing in this think tank is one of the most important antiterrorism mechanisms and it is not only at the level of Russia and the Islamic world, but also worldwide - because media war is one of the most influential tools, perhaps more than the military tool itself.

According to my personal observation to the media in our Islamic world, which includes 56 countries representing the members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, as well as the media in Russia, I find out that there is a big difference between the Russian media meal and the media meal offered in the Arab and Islamic countries for specific reasons I tackled before in our previous two sessions,

Not only that, but despite the participation of delegations even from the countries e.g. Egypt, Iran, the Gulf states, North Africa, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries, I find that many channels are still the same and even worse, especially with the arrival of new rightists to power in the West, especially "Trump" in America, where hawks became more ferocious.

We witness also on Arab and Egyptian satellites, channels that are run and even present programs by the Wahhabi, Salafi and Taffiri streams, which constantly broadcast their poisons on us, which forbids us to celebrate national holidays, Mother's Day, and national anthem for fragile reasons that such occasions imported from West.

What is worse than that, they do not want us to celebrate with the people of other religions, especially our brothers and sisters of Christians whether on Christmas or in Easter, and not to congratulate or send greetings to them on their Eid, contrary to what the Prophet himself did and contrary to the Koran verses itself,

Despite the fact that the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet, Aal Albeit and Companions did not change the identity of any country they entered and Islam ordered all of them jointly to preserve their heritage and not to harm it as a manner of respect of those surrounding countries and peoples.

For example, after my return from China at the end of February, where I taught English at Chinese universities and government schools, and with the knowledge of the Egyptian channels that I have arrived, and with my specialization in Middle Eastern affairs and Iranian affairs and Asian affairs, some of those channels connected with me, when I thought that their media thought has been changed for the better, either to say, for example, to talk maliciously about some country and mentioning it with things non-existed there, for example, the case of Russia and Iran, which unfortunately are often misled in the Arab and Western media, and opinions about them from ignorant people who do not aware of them, when those ignorant allege the Iranian and Russian middling in Arab affairs. Whereas the others forget the Gulf, Israeli, Turkish, American, and British interventions in Arab affairs to the same degree and at far distance from the professional and objective standards, as well as forgetting the Russian role and the strategic partnership with Russia in this regard.

Or to explain a flagrant violation of international law from Arab countries to other countries, not by strategic and political economic standards, profit and loss criteria, and what we must do to get out of the crisis, but rather to praise and sway this team, which violates international law, for nothing but because countries pay and finance this channel and adapt it to its interests.

Some, who sell their consciences and do so, believe they are playing Arab-Arab role, even though they have paid programs, and do nothing but foment sedition, because they think that this war is a sectarian war, and that we must defend Sunna, and even cooperate with demons such as America and Britain, France, Israel, those countries that have been bitterly humiliated as former colonizers, as if they were the defenders of Sunna in the Islamic world, and who have always imposed their control on us with religious and sectarian sedition. "Of course, here are the Yemeni and the Syrian issues are the most important cases in this regard".

As well as the misinformation of the Arab media, specifically accusing Russia and Iran of fueling conflicts, destroying countries and supporting dictatorships, as if what happened with Arab and Islamic blessing through regional Arab and Islamic organizations in Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, is the right thing, and to make those countries in a better status and defend their peoples, democracy and freedom, as if those Arab countries are institutional, where social justice prevails and respect human rights, although they do not even allow women to drive the car, which also supported and backed the ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and were desirous to host Mubarak after two clean revolutions.

While spending on sabotaging Arab revolutions in all of Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Yemen, as well as the sabotage of Libya and Syria, at least $ 3 trillion so far under figures given even by the World Bank itself, whereas certain Arab countries are controlling in funding these regional organizations and appointing officials thereof, as the United States has also a malicious involvement in major organizations such as the United Nations, the Security Council, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which have caused devastation in countries especially in the South, and the exclusion of countries from their real and significant role, I speak here about my country "Egypt", which was till the 70s of the last century the queen of the whole South.

Another visage of deception we see in the Arab world, to make the situation worse, is that Iran's nuclear project, which carried out by Russia's Ross Atom and in cooperation with China, as a major threat as Trump sees it, after they had been welcomed by Obama in this regard at Camp David about a year and a half ago, which is essentially a peaceful project supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has always been reported positively "Iran is committed to the Security Council's guaranteed agreement" and considered as a pride for the Islamic world, when it is a deterrent to any potential enemy, if we want to turn a blind eye in the Arab and international media about the Israeli project, which is the real threat, as Israel is not a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and does not allow supervision of its reactors and even has about 250 nuclear heads directed at us.

I wonder after this presentation, Are Russia and Iran the ones who were punished by the Jasta Act for their involvement in the September 11 attacks? Are Russia and Iran named in the Wikileaks leaks as the establishers and funders of ISIL as reported in the private mailbox of Hillary Clinton? Do Russia and Iran contain camps for ISIL and Al-Nosra, as another two states, one Arab and one Islamic, adhering to Syria? Did Russia and Iran sell and trade stolen oil, water, heritage and factories of Iraq and Syria? Where is the role of Arab and Western media from these important issues?

In this context, I always remember the dialogue of Mr. Vitaly Churkin, which was broadcasted about 10 days before his death, when he spoke about the reality of the world political cuisine, what is going on in the corridors of the Security Council and the United Nations, and what he said about the Ukrainian, Syrian, Yemeni, Libyan and Iranian issues, and how to solve such fabricated files, and that there is a great common denominator in the Western and the Arab non-objective and non-neutral media, and the western continued attempt to tyranny of the world opinion.

I recently remember the two young Russians, the first a pupil and a cub of Churkin, Ambassador Sfronkov, as well as the young Chechen president Kadyrov, whom I wrote for them and followed their interviews. Whereas the first had given all of (America, Britain and France) and the countries behind them a lesson in diplomacy and respect for the sovereignty of states and international law, The other spoke as a national Russian citizen, who feared for the dust of his home-country and did not hesitate to protect it, and expressed the obedience of the Supreme Leader, the President of the country, Putin, when he was asked for the trust he had endowed him and how Chechnya was at one time a hotbed of international intervention under false pretexts of "Backing Islam Against Atheism", to be a focus of international terrorism, as happened previously with Afghanistan, unfortunately, as well as the Iraqi-Iranian conflict was unnecessarily fueled, with full Arab and international support to get rid of the Iraqi army and the Iranian revolution.

Finally, I have submitted two initiatives to increase the group's funding so that we can hold more than one meeting throughout the year, whenever necessary, and reward those who make valuable contributions to the intellectual war on terrorism and involve larger numbers, the second is the initiative, which was published on the website of our group, on the war antiterrorism, in the form of a strategy that I hope it will be adopted by Russia, China and Iran, (third and final) and I will support via media every initiative away from the West and hegemony and supremacy, if I was called through my work as a researcher, and as a journalist for carrying out the coverage through the pages or television programs that I will be called, all of (BRICS Group, Shanghai Organization for the Security and Cooperation, the Silk Road "One Belt - One Road", the Eurasian Economic Forum, the Central Asian Economic Cooperation Organization, and finally the current Non-Aligned Movement of 140 member states) - because unfortunately we lose much for our lack of cooperation as South states and New Powers that may have the upper hand, in case they united and agreed together.

Finally, I hope that our website will be a platform for raising the awareness of the masses in our Arab and Islamic world, and also to set a guide for media professionals to contribute to the development of media work, and cooperation and partnership with Russia's distinguished stations and sites in this field.

Please be guided accordingly.

Kindest Regards,

Ahmed Moustafa
Political Economist
Member of CODESRIA and
Group of Strategic Vision – Russia and Islamic World – Journalists Against Extremism