Группа стратегического видения "Россия - Исламский мир"

Group of Strategic Vision "Russia - Islamic World"


The coast Senegal extends over 499 km, from south-west of Mauritania to the north of Guinea.

There are three relatively big rivers in Senegal: the Senegal River in the north, its western branch separates Mauritania and Senegal, the Gambia River in the south-east and the Casamance River which flows in south-westerly direction. There is a small lake in close proximity to the capital. There is a lack of groundwater, so the rural economy as a whole depends on monsoon rains.

Islam is the main religion which is professed by the majority of the inhabitants of Senegal, the number of Muslims is about 90%. The inhabitants who are professing Christianity are about 10%. It is noted that there are around 1% of representatives of various pagan beliefs, but this data is in doubt, as many residents have never seen the Gentiles. As they say, if they were, we would know about it.

The adoption of Islam by the inhabitants of Senegal dates back to the 10th century. Islam came to Senegal via merchants and preachers from Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco and Mali. All communities in Senegal are Muslim of Sufi persuasion. The most famous tariqahs in Senegal are – Tizhdaniya, Murids Kadariya, Lyainy. All these tariqahs adhere to the Maliki School. Also recently the representatives of Shia have appeared; Shiism is professed by about half a million people. This group is a relatively new, but it is recognized by society, has its own schools and mosques. Shiites freely practice their rituals and enjoy full freedom. In this they are no different from other groups.

It should be noted that there is no religious or ethnic fanaticism in the relationship between Muslims and Christians. Relations between representatives of these religions are warm and kind without any intolerance.

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The Republic of Senegal is in West Africa south of the Sahara, on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The coast Senegal extends over 499 km, from south-west of Mauritania to the north of Guinea.