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 Geography: Herat (/hɛˈrɑːt/;Ancient Greek: Ἀλεξάνδρεια ἡ ἐν Ἀρίοις, Aleksándreia hē en Aríois; Latin: Alexandria Ariorum) is the second largest city of Afghanistan. It serves as the capital of Herat Province. It is linked with Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif via highway 1 or the ring road. It is further linked to...
"Since the meeting in the last year in Moscow Russian Federation is playing a more active role in the Middle East. I personally welcome this engagement and look optimistic at the fact that this engagement can help people in the Middle East, bringing lasting peace and stability in this...
In the continuation of the speech of Zabihullah Moosakhail, "Khaama Press" editor-in-chief (Afghanistan), at the International media forum "Journalists of Muslim countries against extremism". The main part of the speech you can watch here.
«We are taking part in this forum to try to save human being from terrorism to which ten of thousands lives have been sacrificed. We can think about strategy that can put the end to this phenomenon. Terrorism does not have any roots in Islam. People who use Islam...
Prior to that he served as Foreign Minister from April 2006 to January 2010.Spanta was born on 15 December 1953 in Herat Province, where he completed his primary and secondary education. Spanta is fluent in Dari, Pashto, Turkish, German and English.Dr. Spanta  was a scholar and assistant professor of...


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