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In a dense and dusty neighborhood in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, eight young girls lined up against a cement wall, touching their hands to their faces in prayer before boxing practice began. For the last six months, these athletes-in-the-making have been training at the Pak Shaheen Boxing...
The speech of Zahid Hussain, journalist of “Dawn” newspaper (Pakistan), at the second international media forum "Journalists of Muslim countries against extremism", that took place in Moscow on April 20-21, 2016. The full speech you can watch in the video.
"This is the second meeting I have attended in this beautiful city of Kazan. Apart from that it gave us the opportunity to see the place where Islam came to Russia, in the beautiful area of Boulgar. We saw the place where you plan to build the Islamic academy....
In the continuation of the speech of Zahid Hussain, journalist of “Dawn” newspaper (Pakistan), at the International media forum "Journalists of Muslim countries against extremism". The main part of the speech you can watch here.
«Today we had speakers after speakers talking about that danger presented by DAESH. There is no doubt that DAESH present the most brutal form of extremism the Islamic world has seen. But it is not the only organization when we talk about it. I come from the countre where...
Mahmood-ul-Hassan Ashrafi, Chairman Of Pakistan Ulema Council, at the international conference ‘Islamic religion against extremism’, that took place in Moscow, in October 5-6.
Riaz Khokhar is a private consultant and senior Fellow at the China-Pakistan Joint Think Tank at the National University of Science and Technology ( Islamabad).He served as Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary from 2002 to 2005. A career diplomat, he has been Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia,...


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