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More than donuts were dunked that afternoon when I stopped for coffee after work. It was the first warm day since winter, the sun was bright and people had once again begun to mill about outdoors. The local Dunkin Donuts was uncharacteristically busy as a result, xnxxv sunny leone video and I could see the tables inside all were filled with clusters of mostly old folks and teenagers before I'd even parked my car in the lot. Shrugging, I ambled around the rear of the building and up the sidewalk, lit a quick cigarette, and leaned against the great glass window by the door. I nodded to a couple people as they walked down the street past the shop. I took a deep drag from my smoke and let it out, relaxing. No harm in waiting a bit to see if a table cleared up. 

I had no such luck. My first cigarette smoked down to its filter, I considered a second. Inside, no one seemed to be moving to leave. However, there was no line at the counter, so I slid my way inside and ordered a large coffee from the teenaged latina who was working. Paying for my drink, I turned to see if anyone had gone. No luck, I strode out through the door and to the parking lot, plopped my ass down on the trunk of my car, and sat for another smoke while my coffee cooled. I'd parked toward the back of the lot, so there weren't too many cars back where I sat (most people tended to park along strips of parking spaces on either side of the building, instead of behind it). Two spaces down was a beat up old pontiac inside which I could see movement. I took another look, and through the glare I could make out a teenaged guy leaning back, half turned so he can face the passenger side. Not surprising, because in the passenger seat was a hunched down teenaged girl, her pony-tailed head bobbing up and down in his lap. I watched this blowjob for about five minutes, the young girl alternating between stroking his shaft and sucking down his knob. After he'd cum, and she swallowed it all down (what a trooper!), he caught my glance, smiled and half-waved. The girl turned and saw me, jumped in her seat, and quickly turned to punch her companion in the shoulder. He just laughed and started the car. 

"You like that, hun?" Came the voice from over my shoulder. I turned with a start, lurching around so suddenly I knocked my coffee to the ground. The middle-aged african american woman sidestepped as my drink splashed on the pavement, and stepped between my legs. Her hands pushed onto my crotch through the fabric of my pants, one hand pressing down slightly on my balls as her other found the throbbing bulge of my from the show I'd just watched. She slowly, but firmly, began moving the palm of her hand up and down the length of my cock. She looked up at me. "Gee hun. You almost splashed somethin' hot and milky all over me." Still taken aback, I openned my mouth to respond but couldn't say anything. The feeling of her hands on my equipment was amazing, and all I could manage was a weak gasp. She moved really close to me, her lips close enough that I could feel the heat of her breath on my cheek when she whispered, "Maybe you'd like to try again?"

I looked down at the woman with her deep chocolate skin, dark hair, and deep hazel eyes. She wore a thick coat, perhaps too heavy for the temperature, that strained to cover ample breasts. Her purple slacks were tight against her thick, but still shapely thighs, and even from here I could see the pressed expanse of her luscious ass wanting to burst free. "Thats it hun, I know you like it," she squeezed my rock to make her point. 

"What... What do you want" I stammered, sort of realizing what was happening. "I mean, how much...?"

"Inside hun. We'll talk inside. Go in the Men's room. I'll knock like this." She tapped three times on the trunk of my car, paused, and then tapped four times. Then she stepped away, turned, and moved away. I watched her big full butt move and stretch the tight polyester of her slacks as she walked toward the side of the dunkin donuts building, and I was acutely aware of the throbbing tightness of my swollen dick in my pants.

"Right" I said, and pushed myself off the car. Feigning nonchelance, I walked into the shop, striding up the side hallway to the bathrooms. I knocked once, no answer, walked inside, shut and locked the door behind me. Cosidering how busy it had been, the lavatory was surprisingly tidy. No toilet paper was strewn about, the toilet itself unmarked and clean and obviously freshly sanitized. An air vent hummed over head, and I could taste the sickly scent of air freshioner. It was welcome, considering the alternative. I stood there for a moment, then wiped down the seat of the toilet with a piece of toilet tissue. I kept wondering what would happen next. It seemed obvious to me that she was a prostitute, so I found it unlikely that I'd fuck her. But a blowjob or handjob was fine. I thought about her luscious ass. Well, Ok... even if I did fuck her, I had a couple condoms in my wallet. I adjusted the bulge in my pants, my erection still going strong from the excitement of wondering about this woman. 

Knock-knock-knock... knock-knock-knock-knock. real forced anal against her will The tell-tale knocking tapped lightly on the door. I opened the door lock and she quickly slipped inside. The door closed with a click, and she flipped the lock with her thumb. She didn't say a word as she kicked off her shoes and removed her heavy coat, hanging it from the protruding armature that closes the door automatically. Her breasts were huge, bulging like volleyballs beneath her thin grey shirt. I stared at the swell of her chest, and the deep dark valley between her mammoth chocolate boobs. She cupped her tits in her hands, mushing them together and causing her cleavage to bulge over her shirt line.