Practicals with my Bio teacher

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Practicals with my Bio teacher

 This all began on the first day of school when I saw my gorgeous Bio /teacher/">teacher for the /first-time/">first time. She was one of the hottest women I've ever seeen. With a flawless body which consisted of /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits(C-Cupped I guess) and a /cute/">cute round ass that wiggled a bit every time she walked. If my conclusions were correct she was in her mid 30's and looked just like a pornstar. She could have easily modelled for PLAYBOY if she wanted to. I was often distracted by her lovely breasts in class and found it hard to concentrate. So I had to come home and study extra in order to catch up.
Well, I wasn't such a bad student and I ALMOST always managed to get straight A's in my exams. So my teachers practically liked me a lot. So I decided to use my "LIKABILITY" to get privet lessons from my Bio teacher, not that I needed them but so that I can spend some quality time staring at her body ALONE(since I planned the times for my lessons when my parents weren't at home). And she agreed. I always have an erection whenever my lessons were going on and she used to tell me "hey! pay attention will ya?!" a lot of times since I was paying attention on her curves and not in my lessons. Day by day my lust for her was growing and one day I got this damn good idea which would hopefully lead to some "SERIOUS FUCKING".
I couldn't resist the way her ass cheeks moved when she walked around and I knew that I had to have them so I decided to carry out my plan. So when my next session of lessons finished I asked her if I can get her a beer of something. I was lucky and she said "yes". So i went to our kitchen, took a can of beer out of the refrigerator and emptied about half of it. Then I filled that part with some of my father's whiskey and offered it to her. She then drank all of the beer neither knowing what was in it nor knowing what was gonna happen to her later on.
As time passed I started to notice her get dizzy due her drunkness. I asked if I can show her around the house pretending not to know that she was drunk. She too didn't wanna show it and agreed to let me escort her around. In order to satisfy my urges I took her to our /master/">master bedroom. I excused myself for a minute and went to the next room. There I the wwwxxx stripped all of my clothes and returned back to the master bedroom. She was turned the opposite direction so I embraced her from the back, sticking my now erect dick tightly in her clothed butt. She was baffled and asked me what I was doing. At that moment I pushed her onto the bed and said "I'm gonna fuck you bitch! that's what I'm gonna do".
she gave out a surpriced scream when she heard what I said and saw me naked (especially when she saw my erect cock). I jumped on top of her and sealed my lips tightly on hers. She didn't resist much due to her being extremely drunk. I stuck my tongue and started to explore her mouth. The I kissed her neck and started unbottoning her blouse. She tried to stop me but hadn't much strength to do so. "I'm gonna do the practicles on Reproduction and MUCH more" I told her. Once the unbottoning was done her clothed breasts were revealed. She was wearing a black bra and I cupped my hands on them. I then gave her tits a tight squeeze and I heard her moan slightly.
Then I unfastened her bra by putting my hands behind her and pulled it out. There they were, the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. I started to suck on her now erect pinkish-brown nipples. By the expression in her face I knew that it felt really good. After about 5 more minutes of fondling and licking her hootchies I made my way to her pubic region. "please don't do this, please!" she said. I odered her to shut up while I unzipped her slacks and pulled them completely out. She was wearing matching panties. With one switft move I pulled them down. her pubic hair was trimmed and her pussy looked delicious. It had swollen, light pink lips and it's inside was a darker shade of pink. I wasn't surpriced to see it wet as I knew that what I was doing to her turned her on.
I spread her legs apart and placed my mouth on her slit. I slowly put my tongue in and then out,licking her /sweet/">sweet juices. Damn! her wwwxxx juices tasted really good! I knew that I was giving her pure pleasure by the sound of her moans. I stuck a /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-in-her-ass/">finger in her ass(hole) while I licked her. her moans got louder as she was reaching her climax so I stuck my cock in her and started to pump hard. Her muscles tightened and twitched as she orgasmed. Her juices were pouring down my shaft so I took it out of her and made her sit on both hands and legs as I wanted to give it to her "doggy style". But instead of sticking my dick in her cunt I started to /fucking/ass-fuck/">ass fuck her(her juices lubricated my dick so it was easier). She was moaning in pain and pleasure. When I was gonna cum I switched holes and shot my load deep into her cunt.
Then I laid her on her back and without any warning stuck my cock in her mouth. I started to fuck her face violently as I reached my socond climax. I sprayed a Huge load in her mouth and ordered to gulp down all of it. I was pretty tired of the "Humpin' and Pumpin'" so decided that it was enough. I got into the shower with her and helped her to clean herself up and made her give me another blow job while I did it. Then I helped her to get dressed and asked her if she enjoyed it. She was still a bit drunk and said that it was ok. She then left leaving me thinking about my next move.

My maths teacher is also a bit hot though...