My First Time With Jordan

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My First Time With Jordan

"Oh fuck" There is /hot/hot-bos/my-hot-neighbor/">my hot neighbor Jordan outside playing with his dogs. Jordan is a very /athletic/">athletic 6'2", 180 lbs. man with a six pack stomach, slightly hairy chest and tanned skin.

"I guess I will have to jerk off--AGAIN." Jordan always gets me instantly hard. He is often outside playing with his dogs. He usually just wears swim trunks so I can admire his hot physique.

I removed my /underwear/">underwear and started to beat off. The doorbell rang. I answered the door in my boxers and t-shirt. It was Jordan. He was barechested and barefooted as usual. "Can I barrow your hose again?"
Flustered I stuttered and Jordon noticed my /hard/hard-cock/">hard full hd xvideo download cock and wet underwear.

"Well, thats not the hose I wanted...but it will do." He reached down and groped my now solid 7" cock. "Very nice" he said.

Suddenly I got the courage I had always wanted..."Just let me fuck you!" I stammered. His reply was cool and calm "Cool, Damon, cool".

I led him inside and removed his swim trunks. His dick was getting nice and hard for me. I had never touched another guys dick, but when I did touch Jordan's and it jumped and spit out a little precum. I gently placed the precum up to my lips and tasted his manly sperm.

I quickly removed my underwear and tshirt. I bent Jordan down over my leather chair. He told me he had been fucked by a couple of guys in /college/">college. He continued that he uses a dildo to keep his /asshole/">asshole nice and loose for occassions like this.

I smeared some slick lube up his puckered and pink hole. I was so excited I thought I might just shoot right there. In no time my dick had penetrated his asshole and I was bucking furiously up and down.

In and out of his nice asshole. I knew i was getting close and withdrew my cock. A long stream free porn movies download of precum stuck to his ass as I pulled out.

Suddenly I flung Jordan over and shot a nice thick creamy load of man juice all over his strong and sturdy chest. I screamed at the top of my lungs "FUCK OH MAN FUCK!". It was infuckingcredible.

Slowly my knees quaked and I bent down over Jordan and rubbed my cum into his chest legs and /feet/">feet.

Fuck we get to fuck almost everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!