One Night Affair with Students Mother

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One Night Affair with Students Mother

I was on a recce /trip/">trip to various schools in Shandong Province, China. This was for a research project. I enlisted the help of one of my students /mom/">mom - (i shall name her as Ms Z). She was in sexxxx video ful hd her forties, a confident and pleasant lady. She was happy to be my guide and we were together on the road for 12 days to Qingdao, Weihai, Jinan, Weifang cities.

We had a great xxx sex video download free com time together - she was certainly a good guide and a good host. We travelled by coach and due to the bumpy roads, we had to be seated physically close. Friendship develops deeper. During the days, we met various teachers and principals of various schools.

Ms Z is mid-size lady and has relatively firm tits. Most of the time, she was dressed in nice blouse with low V cuts - and I was treated with nice view of her "valley". Often, she helped me in making presentation to the schools - as she spoke assertively and professionally, she takes deep breath and i enjoy the nice movements of her body and breasts. In lighter moments, we did have good time together and some physical contacts was inevitable. She did not put on any guard and often, we did got very close physically (or bodily), which naturally caused arousal to me. i was semi-hard most of the time with her and i think she realised that too.

Finally, a rare opportunity came. We reached Qingdao by coach in midnight hours. The taxi driver dropped us to a nearby motel which unfortunately (or fortunately for me) only had one room available. As we were dead tired, we accepted it. I wasnt expecting anyting at that time as we were really tired after some 8 hours on the bumpy road.

After taking turns to have our showers, we rested on the separate beds. Ms Z was very observant and thoughtful. She noticed that i was trying to sleep with difficulty and i had put my palm below my back (to relieve my back pain). On her own initiative, she claimed that she knows i must have back pain. She offered to give me a massage that will relieve my pain. She even suggested that she will continue to massage my back til i fall asleep.

Without waiting for my response, she came over my bed and "flipped" me over. She then took off my shirt and lowered my pants & /underwear/">underwear to half of my buttocks and immediately started to work on my back with her skilful massgae. She is certainly experienced and trained. Her massage strokes were gentle and yet firm. She seemed very seasoned and knows exactly which spots to exert more pressure. After about 5 minutes, i really felt much relieved and was half asleep and was kind of semi-conscious. Suddenly, i was awakened when i realised that my pants were removed totally and she started to caress and sqeezed my balls while i was lying face down - this led to instant /erection/">erection despite my exhaustion and sleepiness. i was too tired to complain nor willing to stop her. I let my erection go full steam.

she leaned towards my face and whispered to my hears and asked if i felt good and said i will definitely sleep well. i just moaned in agreement and responded by touching her face. she kissed me and i responded by turning my body over. instantaneously, i touched her body and undressed her blouse. she lowered her chest to allow me to such her nipples. i licked the right nipple gently and she gave soft moans. i proceeded to such the left nipple harder, she gave louder moans.

She undressed herself totally and gave me full body contact. her body warm made me even more aroused sexually. she stroked my penis to full erection and mounted my pole into her hole. she sat on my pole and commenced rocking on it while she stretched her palm to cup my balls. i was in heaven and it was an electrifying experience.

she was virtually "fucking" me instead (as i was not really making much movement). she was certainly a seasoned sex partner - she would slow down at times, lowered her breast to me to suck and lick, then also lick my nipples which aroused me further.

She whispered to me that i can "cum" inside her. Frankly, i didnt care much then, after a long enjoyable time, i fired many shots inside her.

she continue to cup my balls and i finally pull out from her. she fell asleep in my arms naked.

four to five hours later, we woke up and without any awkardness, we dressed up and got ready for the day. on the journey and in the school, we continue our routine like nothing has happened.

there was another night to go . . . guess what happend ?

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