Less than 24 hours from the statements and expectations of Mr. Bashar Al-Gaafari “the Syrian permanent ambassador at UN and the head of the Syrian regime’s talks team in Geneva III” at his press conference that held on Monday dated 21st of March 2016, we woke up this morning on the bombings of Brussels airport that caused a lot of innocent victims whether killed and injured persons “inside the airport itself at the departure terminal also!!!!!!!!”.

Mr. Gaafari stressed on the permanent double standard of the west headed by US followed by Europe, as well as some regional states including KSA, Turkey and Qatar, as they insisting on integrating fanatic groups in the talks of Geneva III represented in a group called “the Army of Islam”, as well as what so-called “the moderate armed opposition”, he justified such matter how can we repeat the same mistake of Libya in our internal issue, when they integrated fanatics inside their talks for the benefits of the West and GCC, therefore how could Syrians accept fanatics from hundred nationals to be a part of Syrian-Syrian Talks?!!! It is illogical and unacceptable issue and violates the SC resolution 2254, as well as Vienna conclusions, which is one of the common mistakes between the Riyadh delegation and UN facilitator Mr. De Mistura

The second issue, was why you accept the term of “the armed moderate opposition groups” which includes foreigners in Syria, but in any other country except (Syria), they are fanatic and terrorist groups? Because when a chaotic fanatic group bears the arms against the national army, will that being considered and treated as the internal national peaceful opposition? Therefore we should recognize any chaotic armed groups in all of USA, Europe and GCC states according to such basis or principle, and in my point of view he is right, because even in USA the authorities collapsed the opposition group “Occupy Wall Street”, in Bahrain the authorities killed and injured the peaceful opposition existed in Pearl Square in 2011 and no-one worldwide gave them legitimacy.

Also, when one of the journalists asked him why you condemn the armed opposition and accepting the existence of Hezbollah and the other Shia groups in Syria? Gaafari said at once, this is the fragile argument of the fanatics and Wahhabis, because any party fight with the Arab National Syrian Army the terrorism, it came to Syria based on the right regulations, in manner not violating the international law and under the approval and the coordination with the Syrian authorities, as Syria is a sovereign state and entitled to call any party or state to back it in fighting terrorism, not only that, Syria is secular state and respecting multiplicity, whereas Shia is a part of the Syrian mosaic, and if Hezbollah in 2006 did not fight the Zionist entity and expelled it outside Lebanon, the terrorism would reside in Beirut itself right now, as the terrorist groups resort to Israel for medical care as televised by several TV channels especially Mayadeen, the matter that shows a strong correlation between fanaticism and Israel either.

And if we shed the light on what happened in Brussels in less than 5 months from the terrorist incident Paris, as I discussed such matter before, it is evident that the west has no real strategic plan anti-terrorism, and the west still open its borders for fanatics and for funding terrorism, because it always welcomes the GCC nationals including fanatics and terrorists to enter USA and EU without visas, or with very easy regulations, because of the weapons’ deals that being concluded specially with KSA, the biggest importer of weapons in Middle East now, whereas the west politicians disregard what KSA does in Libya, Syria and Yemen represented in fueling the terrorism and chaos there, because they are bribed, and then their lobbies of weapons get the profit of that, however USA and EU people came in the bottom of their priority, and as a result of their disregard to the situation in the Middle East including but not limited to Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen and sometimes reaching African states, when the taxpayers of Europe and USA who elect the politicians and pay their salaries, and despite of that the terrorism is existed in their home now!!!!.

Finally, without coordination with Russia, China, Iran and Egypt in settling all the hot issues peacefully in the region, nothing will be settled and the terrorism will develop and grow in the West in general, as long as they think that they know better, which is false, and as long as they are bribed from GCC the source of the extremism and Wahhabism.