Alikber Alikberov, Deputy Head of the Institute of Oriental Studies, PhD holder in history, talks to Ekaterina Podkolzina, editor-in-chief of the Russia – Islamic World group, about the situation in Dagestan.

— When experts used to point out what they called de-fragmentation of the legal framework in Dagestan and in some other regions, they referred to the resurgence of religion and the spread of non-traditional Islamic sects. Sharia law offers its own legal ways – breaking the law and integrity of Russia’s legal framework.

It turned out to be much worse: russian laws were effective only on paper, and the judiciary did not work appropriately, but not just because of the local political, economic and other aspects of management.

It was impossible to do anything about it. When everyone cover each other, you have to dismantle the old system and built everything anew. A simple reshuffle won’t help. The federal government has finally realized that ensuring the rule of law is not just a prerogative but also its duty and it is high time to take extraordinary measures. I think it is a very good sign.

Read the full interview by Alikber Alikberov to Ekaterina Podkolzina on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.