I would like to express my sincere greetings to the participants of the Aitmatov Readings: Dialogue of Cultures, an international forum of writers and intellectuals.
The forum organized by the Russia - Islamic World group of strategic vision, bears the name of Chingiz Aitmatov, an outstanding writer, public figure and diplomat. It’s good to know that even today his rich literary and creative heritage with its moral and spiritual values and faith in humanistic principles continues to encourage people to search effective answers to modern challenges.
The efforts of the general public and the scientific community aimed at strengthening confidence and mutual understanding are of great importance, in contrast to the crisis in global affairs, old and new conflicts, especially in the Middle East, and an upsurge in international terrorism.
Russia is sincerely interested in finding a peaceful solution to all crises, in shaping a more just, democratic and polycentric world order, ensuring respect for international law and the nations’ aspiration for self-determination.
I think the results of your Forum will contribute to the development of new ideas and initiatives that are needed to overcome current challenges. And it will also help to enrich our cultures mutually and ensure mutually respectful international dialogue.
Wishing you fruitful work, interesting discussions and all the best.
Sergey Lavrov