Chairman of the Russia – Islamic World group, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov welcomed the 4th International Media Forum in Yalta.


I am happy to welcome participants of the 4th International Media Forum of Journalists from Muslim Countries for Partnership of Civilizations in Yalta.

Media Play a vital role in our lives today.

We can keep pace with the latest developments every second but our attitude to certain events is affected by the media as the main source of information.

Amid growing tension and escalating violance in international affairs it is important to focus your efforts on a positive agenda and counter the destructive policy of sanctions and force with concerted actions aimed at a peaceful resolution of differences, expansion of ties and strengthening our historical friendly relations.

The RIW Group works hard to build mutual trust, ramp up cooperation between Russia and Muslim countries in such areas as the economy, education, science, arts, and work out new principles for the partnership of civilizations. These are priority areas for the Group.