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For 20 years of independence the main achievements in the field of foreign policy was the fact that the Republic of Tajikistan has been recognized as an independent and democratic country in the world community, diplomatic and trade relations with other countries were founded and developed, as well as membership in international and regional organizations. Today, the Republic of Tajikistan has trade relations with more than 100 countries, and these relations are enhanced every year. Location: Central Asia Area: 142.6 square kilometers, mountains cover 93% It borders: Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Climate: dry continental, more than 300 sunny days a year Water Resources: about 1000 rivers, 2,000 lakes, 8,000 glaciers Cultural and historical heritage: a part of Great Silk Road, the most ancient settlement “Sarazm” and National Park are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List Types of tourism: mountain climbing, mountain sports, skiing, international hunting, ethnographic, medical Modern Tajikistan is a mountainous country with altitudes ranging from 300 to 7495 meters above sea level. 93% of the country is mountain ranges relating to Pamirs, Hissar-Alai and Tien Shan mountain system. These ranges are divided by rich and fertile lands of Fergana, Zeravshan, Vakhsh and Hissar valleys. The complexity of the relief and big amplitude of mountain systems of heights explains the exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. Tajikistan is a territory of the highest peaks, powerful glaciers, swift rapid rivers and unrepeatable in their beauty lakes, unique flora and rare animals. It is mountainous; floor landscape determines originality and uniqueness of the nature of Tajikistan, the richness of its forms brought to life by a variety of climatic zones. You can get from the sweltering heat of Vakhsh valley to the arctic cold of eternal snows of the Pamirs within a half hour flight in the republic of Tajikistan. On the basis of the existing 13 state nature reserves and “Zorkul” reserves, “Romit”, “Mozkul”, “Dashti Jum”, historical and natural park “Sirketi” and the Tajik National Park the unique ecology, landscapes and natural monuments are preserved intact.
A woman in national costume from the North of the country. Laski Diffusion / Laski Diffusion / EAST NEWS
The economic development of the Republic of Tajikistan: The main macroeconomic indicators in 2012 GDP 36161.1 million somoni (107.5% compared to the year 2011) GDP per capita 4.6 thousand somoni (118.6% compared to the year 2011) The volume of industrial products 9797.5 million somoni (110.4% compared to...
"The understanding, the cooperation, the interethnic and confessional peace which now reigns in Tatarstan, is a great experience, that is necessary for states of the Central Asia. We should work closer in this cooperation..." - tells Khudoberdi Kholiknazar, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of...
Dr. Kholiknazar was born on June 14, 1951. He graduated from Persian department of the Faculty of Oriental Languages of Tajik State University (1975). Since 1988 - PhD (history).Professional activity:January 2014 - Director of Strategic Research Center under President of the Republic of TajikistanMay, 2012 – First Deputy director...


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